Interview with Ryan Foley on Throwing Pennies at the Bridges Down Below

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astral-weeksEver lie awake at night, plagued with questions about the Astral Weeks cover on Helios? How did we do it? Who is responsible for all those strange noises? What gave me the crazy idea to attempt it in the first place?

Rest easy, friends, and ponder no more. In an interview with Ryan Foley on his Van Morrison/Astral Weeks blog Throwing Pennies at the Bridges Down Below, I reveal all these secrets and more.

It’s an honour to be featured on Ryan’s blog, as he is about as hardcore of an Astral Weeks fan as you’ll find anywhere. I have to assume that he has a superpower that somehow lets him know when someone posts an AW-related item on the web, as he visited this site the moment I posted the mp3. He very kindly posted a comment asking to chat about the track and how we recorded it. Unfortunately, he did so several weeks before I’d finished rebuilding the site, and as I wasn’t expecting much traffic, I also wasn’t checking the comments. This led to an embarrassing mixup in which I left him hanging for weeks before seeing his request and responding to it. Meanwhile, Ryan published a lovely review that says extremely flattering things about the track and reveals rather embarrassing things about my site management skills.

If you’re a fan of Van Morrison, I encourage you to check out Ryan’s other posts on Throwing Pennies, as he opens a fascinating window into the world of Morrison’s process and the impact Astral Weeks has had in the decades since it was released.

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